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The Festivale is a time to celebrate! Confetti will fall on this joyous day! Pavé will be the special character hosting this event.


[edit] When does it happen?

Pave dancing!

The Festivale will always happen a week before Easter. You can also tell when this is happening because it always falls on the fourth Monday of February. From 6:00am until 6:00am the next day, Pavé will be standing out on the Town Hall plaza celebrating this festive holiday.

[edit] What do you do?

After you talk to Pavé and he doesn't do a very good job of talking you into the holiday's spirit, he will ask you to instead bring him some candy so he can stay up all day and celebrate. He wants you to bring him three kinds of the same color candy. There is a total of three colors that Pavé has to choose from. You must then go and find a villager and play a guessing game with them. If you win, you will get a candy. When you have three candies of the color Pavé wants, see him and he will eat up your candy - but not before giving you a piece of his Pavé Series!

[edit] Games

[edit] Soccer

No, this isn't real soccer with a ball, silly! You'll need to play this game with words, and words only. The villager that you are playing with will then become the commentator and adopt a different voice then their normal one. You must first protect your goal by either diving left or right to catch the ball that the villager is kicking. You must determine which side you think they are going to kick. There is no way to know that you will be right for sure. Now, you are the person trying to make the goal. You must choose to kick it left or right. Here are the outcomes:

If you score and they don't » You win! You will receive a random piece of candy from the villager.

If the villager scores and you don't » You lose. You must hand over whatever your villager said they would take from you.

You and the villager both miss » You must play them again.

You and the villager both score » You must play again.

[edit] Rock, Paper, Scissors

Playing a game!

You will play Rock, Paper, Scissors just like you would in real life. The animal counts to three and then you get the options to choose Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Your villager will then shout out their answers. You will play and the best out of three games will determine who wins. Here's what happens with the outcomes:

You win two rounds » You win the match! Your villager will give you a random colored piece of candy.

You lose two rounds » You lose the match. Your villager takes what you wagered.

[edit] Toss the Coin

Just like the other games, there will be no real object used in this game. Instead, your villager will pretend that they have a coin in their hand and toss it up in the air. From there, you have the option to choose if you think it will land on its left side or its right side. You need two win two games to win. It's completely random. Here's what happens depending on if you win or lose:

You won two out of three games » You win the whole caboodle! You get to choose what color of candy that you want from your villager.

You lost two out of three games » You lose. Your villager will take what you said you would give them.

[edit] ESP Test

The neighbor will approach you with an image that is in their mind. You job is to try and guess what they are thinking of. Generally, this game has two parts. The first part is where you must guess what shape that they are thinking of. You have the options of choosing triangle, circle, or square. The second part is where you must guess what fruit type the villager is thinking of. The options are apples, orange, peach, cherry, pear. Here's what happens:

You guess both correctly » You win the game and get to choose which color of candy you would like.

You miss one or two » You lose the game and hand over what is now rightfully your villager's.

[edit] Guess Which Hand

The villager will say that they are holding a piece of candy in their hand and you need to guess which hand by choosing either the left one or the right. You must play two matches. These are the outcomes:

You win both » Your villager will give you a randomly colored piece of candy.

You win one and you lose one » You must play again.

You lose both » You give the villager what you owe them.

[edit] Candy

Each color makes Pavé feel a little different, which is why he requests different colors of candy during the whole time that you are with him.

  • Green Candy - Pavé will ask you for this because he needs to relax some. Relaxing, like a stroll in park! The green kind!
  • Blue Candy - Pavé will ask for this because he is starting to get tired. Refreshing, like cold wind! The blue kind!
  • Red Candy - Pavé wants some of this because he needs something tasty. The red kind, like a strawberry explosion!
  • Yellow Candy - Pavé says that he has run out of zest in his dance. Puckery, like lemonade! The yellow kind!

You can receive free candy by:

  • Talking to an animal when they are happy and using the glee emotion. You may choose which color you want.
  • Wear a complete outfit and the first villager you talk to will praise you and give you a piece of candy.

[edit] Tips and Tricks

  • You can store your candy and Pave furniture that you don't want to lose in your letters as gifts.
  • Leave everything, including money, in your house and use fruit to wager while playing games with your villagers.
  • The harder the game is determines whether you will get to choose which color color candy you want.
  • If you leave candy out on the ground it may attract ants, but they will not harm the candy.

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