Lights Set

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Lights Set
Total Cost4,480 Bells
Total Sell Price1,120 Bells
It's not dark anymore!

The Light Set is a way to lighten up your room and stop making it look so gloomy. This set has been in every Animal Crossing game. The lights that are in this set do not belong to a furniture theme or series, they are the lights that were left as individuals and then tied into a set. Simply set one in your room and it will automatically lighten up if you do not already have another light source in the house. If you press A on it, it will either turn on or turn off.

[edit] Items

Name Price Selling Price Available
Candle 1,280 Bells 320 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Mini-Lamp 1,280 Bells 320 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Desk Light 1,280 Bells 320 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Table Lamp 640 Bells 160 Bells Tom Nook's Shop

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