Tom Nook (GCN)

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Tom as you see him in his store

[edit] Open and Closing Times

Open 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. (7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Nook ‘n Go time)

[edit] Tom's Backround

Tom Nook has always had a huge dream of having the most successful shop throughout the world. The more business you give Tom Nook the more he comes closer to his life long dream. If you either buy or sell things, that helps him expand is shop. He will upgrade his shop up to three times. The larger the shop the more variety of items you can purchase. Village visitors can also help you out with making Tom Nook upgrade his shop. Nooks Cranny: Nooks Cranny is Tom Nooks first shop. The shop may be small with hardly any selection, but it is the base of the raccoon’s dreams. You can support his store by buying and selling items. Nook ‘n Go: Once the combined amount of sold and bought items reaches 25,000 bells, Tom Nook will close the shop for remodeling. It will take only one day, but when it reopens it will have a great selection of items and have a brand new look to it. Nookway: After you have spent or made a total of 65,000 bells Tom Nook will once again shut his shop down for a day and remodel. When the new super store reopens it will have a great selection of items, from furniture, flowers, more key items such as nets and fishing poles, and clothes. Nookingtons: When Tom Nook reaches a total of 150,000 bells from bought and sold items he will close his shop for the final time. When he reopens it he will have reached his dream. The new ultimate store will feature everything from paint for roofs to over 5 bags of flowers a day. He will even have two new raccoons helping him out on the second floor. With such great access to all kinds of items you can complete your catalog. Shopping items: You can buy everything from Tom Nooks shop. To purchase an item just stand in front of it and press the “A” button. Tom Nook or his partners will come over and give you details about the items. Then he will ask you if you would like to purchase it. Some items such as these are only available at his store: Item: Sapling Price: 60 bells Item: Paint Price: 980 bells Item: Candy Price: 100 bells Item: Flower seeds: Price: 120 bells Item: Sign board Price: 500 bells Every time you buy an item such as furniture, wallpaper, clothes, or umbrellas from Tom Nook, you get a raffle ticket to use at his lottery at the end of every month. For every five tickets you have you may enter the lottery.

[edit] Secret Code Shipping

If you want to send a friend of yours an item, but don’t have the time to travel to his town head on over to Tom Nooks. Tom Nook has a shipping service that can help you out. If you know the exact name of his/her town and the name of their character, then you can ask Tom Nook to turn the item and information into a code. Tell your friend the code that Tom Nook gives you and have him/her bring it to their town Tom Nook store, and then tell him the code. He/she will receive the item. Cool huh?

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