Able Sisters

Able Sisters
Where?Your town
When?11pm - 8am
What do they sell?Apparel and the option to create patterns

The Able Sisters is a shop where you can buy apparel and making patterns. It is run by two female hedgehogs, Sable and Mabel. They took over the business from their father after he died. If you take the time to talk to the two of them daily, then they will soon befriend you and explain their childhoods and the many photos on the wall behind Sable.This is one of the main stores that you will find yourself visiting. It has a random set of apparel for sale each day. There is one glitch that you can do in The Able Sisters.


[edit] Hours

The hours for the shop are as follows:


7 days a week

Monday - Sunday

[edit] Apparel

In all three Animal Crossing games, the Able Sisters has always stocked the same items. They are on display in this order:

  • Umbrella
  • Three shirts
  • Accessories
  • Glasses

When you are interested in buying an item, simply click on it and Mabel will come over and tell you what the item is, how much it is, and she will also let you try it on so you can make sure that what you are buying looks good on you.

[edit] Pricing

Generally, the prices are at a great price and most of the time you are getting a bargain for a really cool and unique type of accessory. Once in a while, an expensive mast that costs 10,000 Bells or higher may make its way up onto the display. Also, the Able Sisters are the ones who will display the Crown and the Royal Crown, both costing 1,000,000 Bells and 1,200,000 Bells respectively.

[edit] Patterns

You will notice that in the middle of the store there are eight patterns that are displayed in two single rows. These patterns are sample patterns that you can look at to get an idea of how patterns typically look while on a shirt. You can swap these patterns out for one of your patterns, display one of your patterns and replace a shirt up in display, or you can override one of your patterns for a pattern that is up there. The patterns are made by unknown people.

[edit] Making patterns

[edit] Getting started

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, you need to talk to Mabel and tell her that you would like to design a pattern. The cost of this will be 350 Bells. Talk to Mabel to get the supplies to design which cost a total of 350 bells. You can quit anytime during the process of designing and you pay after the pattern is made. Mabel will then tell you that you will need to get rid of one of your patterns. If that is OK, proceed on and select a pattern that you would like to make a pattern over.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, a few things are different. First of all, the patterns that you make are now called Pro Designs because you can now design the front, sleeves, and back of your shirt differently if you would like to. This allows you to create some very complex designs. Another things that has changed is that when you get to the grid and have your pallets and tools available to choose from, you will discover that you can only use the Wiimote to point and paint in the tiny cell boxes. It is a daunting task.

[edit] Getting the hang of it

After talking to Mabel, saying you want to design, and picking a pattern space to design on, a new window opens up on the bottom screen. It displays the main design board (middle), a preview of what your design looks like (top left), a color palette (bottom), and your tool bar (right). What you will mostly be focusing on is the main design board, which will be where you design your pattern. To change view, press the X button.

[edit] Tools

The different tools you use on the main design board are the pen tools, shape tools, fill tool, master fill tool, and undo tool.

[edit] Pen Tool

The pen tool is used when you are not using the stylus and has three different sizes. It is located on the top left-hand side of the tool box. Move it around with the control pad until you find the spot you want, and then press the A button to place the size-indicated amount of color. If at anytime you want to change the color you are using, use the stylus to press on a new color on the color palette, or toggle between the three main sections using the Y button, and press A on the correct color.

[edit] Shape Tool

Next to the pen tools in the tool box are the shape tools. These allow you to make easy shape outlines by using either the stylus or the control pad to decide the length. With the stylus, simply press one of the three shapes which include a square, circle, and a line, and then draw the length of the shape on the main design board. With the control pad, move to the shape you want, press the A button, move to the main design board, and then stretch the outline as far as you want using the control pad and the A button together.

[edit] Fill Tool

On the second section, right-hand side of the tool box is the fill tool. This used to make solid shapes like hearts, stars, or polka dots by filling in outlines with color. To use it, pick a color, drag it over with either the stylus or the control pad to where you want to fill in color and press A (control pad) or drag (stylus). The master fill tool, which is located two spots under the regular fill tool, is similar, except it fills the whole main design board with one color. Simply drag it to the main design board and tap or press A to fill the back round. The last tool, located on the bottom left-hand side of the tool box, is the undo tool. This is used to erase your last move. Press it with the stylus or press the A button on it to activate it's effect.

[edit] Other

  • You can wear patterns as shirts, hat, or set them on the floor
  • Behind Sable you can see that she has her family portrait hung up.
  • If you stay in the store past closing time, they will not kick you out.

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