Actions are the many movements or controls that you can perform throughout the series.


[edit] Shake

Shake is one of the basic actions which can be performed by the Player in the Animal Crossing series. Like all of these actions, Shaking is performed with ease of one simple button command and directional position.

[edit] Benefits

The Shake action is essential in this game for many things: collecting Fruit, collecting fallen Bells, and scaring certain breeds of Bugs out of their persistent hiding places.

[edit] Control

In order to execute this action, the Player must be positioned in front of any tree(either carrying Fruit, potentially concealing Bells, or lending a temporary home to a small bug)and press the 'A' button while facing this direction(the button does not have to be held, only one good tug on the trunk will do it).

[edit] Further Information

If the tree obviously bears Fruit, then the three whole pieces will fall to the ground immediately as they are clearly visible from the beginning. As for hidden Bells and bugs, they can be more of a gamble as they appear at random within virtually any tree. In order to find Bells(up to 100 in total), you must Shake random trees which bear absolutely no Fruit at all, while sneaky bugs can be found making a home in trees that have Fruit or not, so you must keep a sharp eye while harvesting this product so as to not miss out on your chance to possibly upgrade your bug log.

The bugs which nest in trees are Bagworms and Spiders. They always descend from the plant's inner branches on the end of a self-made thread.

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