Voice ActorYui Horie
AppearancesAnimal Crossing Movie

Ai is a young girl who appeared in the Animal Crossing Movie as the main protagonist.


[edit] Appearance

Ai is very small and thin. She has deep, red hair with two pig tails on both sides of her head. Her eyes are big and brown and she usually has a serious expression on her face. Ai usually wears a bright, yellow blouse on top of a white dress.

[edit] Personality

Ai is very cheerful and she often gets excited over simple things. She is very curious and likes to investigate things on her own time. Ai doesn't like being tricked or pranked and she enjoys relaxing and writing letters to her family and friends.

[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Getting to Animal Village

At the start of the movie Ai can be seen riding in a taxi with Kapp'n, very similar to Animal Crossing: Wild World. In the taxi Kapp'n asks her multiple questions, once again very similar to what he does in the actual game. As the ride gets longer she gets her first sight of Animal Village.

After she arrives she enters Town Hall where she meets Tortimer and Pelly. Tortimer shows her a list of candidates in the upcoming elections, but Ai realized they're all him. Pelly tells Ai about her new job working with Tom Nook and tells her about her new home.

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