Animal Island (GCN)

The dock to Animal Island
A few meters off the coast lies a small island, where it is summer all year long. The island hosts a cabin, which you can sleep in and spend time at. You and every one of your friends can also decorate it anyway that you want. To gain access to the island just connect your GBA and link cable to your GameCube and go down by the sea and look for Kapp’n. Once you find him, jump onto his boat. Then he will ask you the name of the island where you want to go. Give your island any name then you are off. Once Kapp'n finally shuts his beak and stops rowing in a slow, diagonal fashion, you will arrive. Once you arrive on the island you will notice that it has a fruit that you can only get on the island. That fruit is coconuts. You can take the coconuts and plant them only by the sea in your town. They will grow tall and mighty then you can pick them and plant more around the sea shore to fill the whole shore up with them. Another thing that you will notice is there is a white flag that soars high in the sky. If you have designed a pattern at the Able sister’s shop then you can turn that into the flag for the island. So now that you are on the island it is time to know your native. There are 18 different ones that may live on the island. You can only have one living on the island. She/he may sometimes ask you for furniture to furnish her/his house.

After you greet and meet your islander it is time to go over and see your cabin. Now you can furnish the cabin the way you want, and then after you are done another person living in your town can. So decorate it the way you like. The island is so bright that you can also get a tan. Yes that is right your character can get very dark. So it may be good to get a decent tan then use your umbrella to keep the sun off you. Believe it or not there are a ton of secret island treasures that you can obtain. They range from NES games, to island theme furniture. To get these just access Animal Island through your GBA. Once you leave the island then you can either keep on your GBA and play around with the native there. If you buried things in the ground before you left then your islander can dig them up and she will return the favor with their own item, which she will drop on the ground. To make your islander dig, then just drop a shovel before you leave the island and command them to pick the shovel up. After they do, point and click the A button to the spot where you want him/her to dig and they will. It is as easy as that. Your islander can also fish. Equip him/her with the fishing pole and lead them to the shore. After they throw out the line they may catch a fish, or apiece treasure. After they get the treasure give them a piece of fruit to make them drop it. Sometimes floating treasure may pass by the island. That is the time to equip your islander with a net and make them chase it down. The treasure could be anything. After you are done on the island reconnect the GBA and travel back for the prizes.

Happy hunting!

[edit] Animal Islanders

[edit] Animal Island Prizes

  • Treasure Chest
  • Beach Chair
  • Beach Table
  • Surfboard
  • Diver Dan
  • Wave Breaker
  • Snowcone Machine
  • Ukulele
  • Life Ring
  • Wario’s Woods
  • Baseball

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