I wanted to let the Staff know that there is one minor thing that you HAVE to do for VInfobox. You HAVE to have only those 4 labels, and you HAVE to use VInfobox for characters that appear in three games, VInfobox2 for characters that appear in two games, and VInfobox3 for characters that only appear in one game. Got it? If you have any questions, you can ask me.

[edit] UPDATE

You are now able to use Template:VInfobox for all villagers. However, the only sections you can fill out are Title, Image, Imagecaption, Species, Gender, Personality, Appearances, Original Shirt and House Theme (music basically). If you wish to have another section added, please contact Symphonic Abyss. For usage queries, see this page.

[edit] UPDATE

Now, we have Template:VInfobox available for the villagers...and we have Template:FInfobox (clever, eh?) for the fish pages! This will make the coding easier for everyone, and can replace Fish Infoboxes immediately. Expect a Template:BInfobox (for bugs) in the near future!

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