August is one of the months of the year which has always been included in the entire Animal Crossing series. It is during Summer.


[edit] Events

[edit] List of Events in August

Event Day Game
Bug-Off Third Sunday, 17th (AC:NL)
Fireworks Show Every Saturday (AC:WW), Every Sunday (AC:CF), 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th (AC:NL)
Flea Market First Saturday
Founder's Day 21st
Meteor Shower 12th
Morning Aerobics 31st

[edit] Birthdays

There are many villagers whose birthday is in August.

[edit] List of villagers birthdays in August

Villager Day
Kid Cat 1st
Vladimir 2nd
Bones 4th
Poppy 5th
Bud 8th
Gigi 11th
Tabby 13th
Rod 14th
Wendy 15th
Rocco 18th
Alice 19th
Wart Jr. 21st
Rolf 22nd
Nana 23rd
Rowan 26th
Chrissy 29th

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