Banana Split Hat

Banana Split Hat
Countries AvailableNorth America

The Banana Split Hat is the fifty-eighth DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

The Banana Split Hat appears like the Hot Dog Hat, a previous DLC given out to the public. It is a hat that has a Banana Split on the top. There are three scoops of ice - cream, and the one in the middle has a cherry on it!

[edit] Release Date

  • North America on July 14, 2010

[edit] Letter

The letter issued to North America reads:

[edit] Letter[s]

Dear [Player's name],

If you scream for ice

cream, we've got just the

accessory for you! It's the

only banana split that

won't cause brain freeze!


[edit] Reason for Receiving

The Banana Split Hat is a hat released to North America. As there aren't specific reason as to why it was released, it is assumed that it was a gift for the start of summer.

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