AppearancesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Original ShirtPop Bloom Shirt

Bangle Japanese name: ルーズ, Loose) is a Peppy Tiger Villager who made her first and only current appearances in Animal Forest e+, Animal Crossing (GCN) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf


[edit] Personality

With a seemingly unshakeable good mood, catching Bangle on a bad day is a rare occurence indeed. Besides obviously making instant friends with the Player, she is such a delightful presence to be around that even Cranky and Snooty Villagers find it hard to stay annoyed at her for long. An uncommon trait in most Peppy residents, Bangle is commonly found on the hunt for very specific breeds of bugs and fish that she finds will make adorable pets. The only downside to this Villager's permanently upbeat personality is a rather fragile skin, causing her substantial sadness at even a single insult or other such event.

[edit] Appearance

Bangle is a brown tiger with many bright yellow stripes streaking her body in various patterns. She has large, very feminine-looking eyes that set her apart from many other male Tiger Villagers as well as a Pop Bloom Shirt that finalizes the effect.

[edit] House

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[edit] Name Meaning

"Bangle" is probably a sly and obscure reference to the "Bengal Tiger", a particular breed of the species this Villager belongs to.

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