A beach is an area of land near the ocean in every animal crossing game. In animal crossing: new leaf the beach is highly detailed with slopes to get to them just like in real life.


[edit] Shells

Occasionally, shells will appear on the beach. These can either be put in your room or be sold. If you see a scallop give it to pascal for an items from the pascal series. In animal crossing new leaf scallop shells will no longer be on the beach but may be found by diving instead.

[edit] Message In A Bottle

In animal crossing wild world sometimes there will be a message in a bottle on the beach that another player sent. If you want to send your own message you can buy bottle paper from tom nook for 100 bells. Just write a letter and pop it In the ocean.

[edit] Secret Beach

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf if both of the beach slopes in your town are on the same beach, there will be a little bit of beach left over, cut off by the waterfall that flows into the ocean. The only way to get to this beach is to purchase a wet suit from the island for 40 medals and swim to it It is uncommon to have a secret beach and very rare to have a large secret beach.

[edit] East Or West?

In New Leaf, the beach will be either East or West. There are no advantages to either side some people prefer East and others prefer west.

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