Beach Set

Beach Set
Total Cost19,660 Bells
Total Sell Price4,916 Bells

The Beach Set makes you feel as you have just arrived at the beach! Take a seat on the beach chair, have a nice glass of lemonade, and relax with your feet in the sand! There might even be buried treasure somewhere! This set has appeared in all of the Animal Crossing games.

[edit] Wallpaper and Flooring

There is no official wallpaper and flooring for this set. However, the ones that match the best with this set are the Tropical Vista and the Tropical Floor.

[edit] Item List

Name Price Selling Price Available
Beach Chair 1,850 463 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Wave Breaker 1,760 Bells 440 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Surf Board 1,400 Bells 350 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Diver Dan 3,200 Bells 800 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Beach Table 1,600 Bells 400 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Treasure Chest (Lucky Item) 8,600 Bells 2,150 Bells Tom Nook's Shop (Spotlight Item)
Life Ring 1,250 Bells 313 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
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