Orignal ClothingDenim Shirt
AppearancesAnimal Forest, Animal Forest +,Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+

Belle (ミルク, Milk) is a peppy cow villager. She has appeared in Animal Forest, Animal Forest +,Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+.


[edit] Appearance

Belle takes on a typical cow appearance, white coat with black spots. She also has horns which are both yellow and her muzzle is a brownish-creamy colour. Belle can be described as a friendly, cute looking character because of her big bright eyes and her smile. Her original shirt is the Denim Shirt.

[edit] Personality

As said, Belle's personality is peppy. So she is generally friendly and often over reacts in conversations. She also is easily distracted when you talk to her, due to that, if you don't deliever mail or a present on time - or at all, she'll eventually forget. Belle, like other peppy villagers, does various hobbies such as Fishing and Bug Catching. She often asks the player how she is dressed, if you answer correctly, she gets very happy.

[edit] House

Her home has some sort of country theme - this might be because of she is a cow and they live out in the country. Belle has plently of Bovoid Gyroids and she has some Cabana furniture. The flooring is a Cowhide Rug and if she has a stereo or radio, she plays K.K. Country.

[edit] Name

Her name comes from 'bell' and she is most likely called after a bell because of the cow bell.

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