AppearancesAnimal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Original ShirtPink Tartan
MusicK.K. Cruisin'

Bertha (Japanese name: あんこ, Anko) is a hippo villager, her personality is normal. She has appeared in many games of the Animal Crossing Series these include: Animal Forest, Animal Forest +, Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing e+ and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


[edit] Appearance

The colouration of Bertha's skin is teal and the inner colouring of her ears and mouth are an orangey-red, her irises are black. As being a Hippo, she has large nostrils and teeth. Her original clothing is a Pink Tartan.

[edit] Personality

Bertha has the normal personality, so she is generally nice. She gets upset easily with Cranky villages since they're rather harsh on many villagers. Bertha gets along very well with lazy and peppy villagers, she acts very caring to them in a mothering way. If she ask player to take a parcel or a letter to someone, she usually compliments on how fast player delievered it; even if it did take a long time.

[edit] Hobbies

Bertha seems fond of fishing, Bug-Catching and Fossil-Hunting.

[edit] House

She uses a stone floor and a blue wall. She has some furniture of the Modern Series. The song playing in her home is K.K. Cruisin'.

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