BirthdayJune 12th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtChef's Outfit
House Music"K.K. Swing"
Picture InscriptionN/A

Bettina is a Normal Mouse Villager who made her first and only current appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Bettina is very down-to-earth and enjoys the simple things in life. She loves to talk about upcoming events because she loves big get-togethers, although she does state that sometimes she loves a day where nothing is happening and she can go out and just spend the day her way. Although she appears to love cooking, she doesn't talk much about it, apart from watching cooking channels and going on an a single food diet. She is a terrific villager to have in your town and is one of the nicest and most caring villagers of her species.

[edit] Appearance

Bettina is mostly a burnt orange colour with bright yellow ears, cheeks, paws, and feet. She has a medium-sized nose and mouth and is easily shocked, as her choice of expression regularly dictates.

[edit] House

Bettina seems to decorate her home based on the way she dresses, like a cook. There are plenty of cooking items and a table to eat the delicious food that she cooks on. Even her wallpaper and flooring are based off of food. The following are items inside of her home:

[edit] Name Meaning

The meaning behind Bettina's name is currently unknown. It is assumed that this was a random female name given to this particular villager.

[edit] Trivia

  • Bettina is the only mouse to make her first appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk, and while there were other new mice, they were all from Animal Forest.
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