AppearancesAnimal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Original ClothingComfy Sweater
MusicK.K. Technopop

Betty (ホイップ Whip) is a chicken villager with a normal personality. She appeared in in few of the Animal Crossing games, such as Animal Forest, Animal Forest +, Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+.

[edit] Appearance

Betty has light brown feathers tipped with a darker brown. She has a sharp yellow beak and a read crest on her head. On her forehead, there is a small curl, almost as it is a fringe. The colouration of her legs are orange - Betty wears a Comfy Sweater that blends in with her colours.

[edit] Personality

As a normal villager Betty is very caring towards most villagers as she gets along with villagers of any personality, she is also caring towards player. Betty hardly gets mad so she is very easy to befriend with, understandably she will get upset quickly if she is hit with a net or if player pushes her.

[edit] House

Her home has a kitchen theme since Betty enjoys cooking. She uses a backyard wallpaper and for the flooring she uses the ceramic tile. The furniture she has is the following; refrigerator, stove, fan, pine table and chairs and plently more. In another version - Animal Forest - her home has an outdoor asain theme which, is a very popular theme that villagers use. If she has a stereo or radio she plays K.K. Technopop.

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