Black Nintendo DSi

White Nintendo DSi
Countries AvailableNorth America

The Black DSi is the ninth object in the game to be announced as DLC. The Black DSi is the twin to the White DSi. You are able to sit on it.


[edit] Appearance

The Black Nintendo DSi looks exactly like a DSi in real life. It is accompanied by all of the same things in the correct place; such as the ABXY buttons, the directional pad, the power button, and the top and bottom screens.

[edit] Release Date

North America: April 5th - 13th, 2009.

[edit] Letter

Dear [Players name],

Happy Nintendo DSi Day!

With this nifty piece of

furniture, you can

celebrate the occasion by

sitting around!


[edit] Reason for Receiving

The reason why Nintendo decided to give this out to the players was to promote the release of the Nintendo DSi in real life. It is not sure why North America received the black version, although it could just be random.

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