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Blanca (Japanese name: あやしいねこ, Suspicious Cat) is the white colored cat who seems to have no face. She has a semi-fiery personality that shifts into a very insecure, scared girl when she thinks you laugh at her for having no face. She will appear in your town after you select to have downloadable characters available. She strolls around your town, until you talk to her and draw a face in. It has been noted that in Wild World, she will usually carry the face that someone drew for her in another town.


[edit] Roles

[edit] In Animal Forest + and Animal Crossing

When visiting other towns Blanca randomly appears. On the first encounter with her, she has no face and the player will be asked to draw her a face. After that encounter visit, Blanca will have a face, which may be a different face that player drew.

[edit] In Animal Crossing: Wild World

If the 'Mysterious cat' mode is on, which is accessable at the phone in the attic, Blanca can appear. Also, if player has used Wi-fi. Blanca only appears randomly if either of these two methods have been done.

[edit] In Animal Crossing: City Folk

Blanca will appear whenever the player has WiiConnect24 enabled on their Wii console and the telephone in their house. Like in the previous games, she will lack a face and ask the player to draw her one. A special feature in City Folk is that anyone who visits the town can edit her face.

[edit] Name

Her name may refer to the fact that she has no face unless it is drawn on - as in blank. Also, it can reffer to the blanc which means white in French or the Spanish word for white which is blanco, or the more feminie way, blanca.

[edit] Trivia

  • Some people say Blanca's gender is known because she doesn't have masculine or feminine aspects shows her actual gender - despite that she wears a dress.
  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, Blanca has some hints of a lazy and a jock's voice - these personalities both belong to the male villagers.
  • When you see Katrina and get a fortune telling, she sometimes mentions Blanca.
  • In Animal Crossing version, Rover will often speak about a strange cat and asks if you've seen this strange cat about - At The Roost in Wild World, he describes her as a 'a suspicious-looking cat' and once again, asks if you've seen her.

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