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Blathers (Japanese name:フータ, Fūta) is an owl who appears in all Animal Crossing games. He is not a villager that comes and goes, but stays in the Museum, along with his sister Celeste who runs Observatory unit in the Museum.


[edit] About

Blathers is the curator of the Museum in all Animal Crossing games and collects bugs, fish, fossils, and paintings you donate. Blathers sleeps most of the day and when you talk to him in that stage he will apologize for being a night bird. Blathers is awake during the day. Blathers also have a strong fear and disgust for bugs. Blathers also tends to ramble when talking about something he enjoys and usually apologizes for it as well. Blather's family member Celeste is with him in the Museum and she runs the Observatory.

[edit] Animal Crossing

Blathers runs the Museum in this game. After you learn the basics and start to donate, you will discover that Blathers absolutely dreads even seeing a bug. When you hand him your bug, it will always bee in a cage. Blathers eye will pop out of his head and he will all but shout. Since Blathers is just beginning to learn about his job and other things, he can not identify fossils yet. You must send them the Farway Museum to have them examined and then wait for them to send it back.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Blathers has his usual disgust for bugs. When you donate fish, Blathers will tell you about how the fish can be cooked and eaten and usually becomes excited at the thought. He also gets very excited when talking about fossils, and is very knowledgeable about paintings as well. Blathers seems to have a good grasp on his job and because oh this, he can now identify your fossils, making it hat much easier to complete your collection.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk Blathers no longer talks about how fish can be cooked or eaten but instead describes something special about the fish such as their abilities, similar to what he does with fossils and bugs as well. He still has a disgust for bugs that has seem to grown ever worse; maybe because he has seen so many. Blathers will get very excited at the completion of fossils and wont talk much about paintings other then saying something nice about them.

[edit] Personality

Blathers is an honest worker who is not afraid to speak his mind if you do something that he doesn't like. Sometimes he does get a bit moody and says that the progress of the Museum has not changed much since there is only one staff member on the Museum - him. Besides that, he is a very talkative owl. He sleeps during the day and is awake at night because he is nocturnal. All in all, he loves what he does and makes sure that things get done, making him a great asset to your town. He seems has Entomophobia, a fear of bugs, despite bugs being in an owls diet. Everytime player donates a bug he shudders and looks disgusted.

[edit] Appearance

Blathers is a brown owl with a yellow beak. He has pink rosy cheeks and eyebrows that look like ears. Along the top of his eyes following his eyebrow line are cream colored dots. His wings are tipped with black and white. His stomach has an argyle vest design on it and he has a green neck tie to go along with it.

[edit] Relationships

  • Sister of Celeste, who runs the Observatory in the Museum.

"Swing by your town's museum to meet this unique trio. Blathers is a talkative owl who runs and maintains the exhibits while his sister, Celeste, charts the night sky from the top-floor observatory. Step downstairs and introduce yourself to Brewster, a chill dude who runs the basement café called the Roost." - Prima Official Strategy Guide (Blathers, Celeste and Brewster)

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