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Animal Crossing
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House MusicK.K. Aria

Boots is a Jock Alligator villager who made appearances in Animal Crossing, Animal Forest, Animal Forest + and Animal Forest e+

[edit] Personality

Boots will upset Snooty and Cranky villagers with his rude attitude towards them. Boots has a keen interest in sports and activities and will criticise others' fitness. He will get confused by Lazy villager's lifestyles and will avoid them most of the time because of this. He will get on with Peppy, Normal and fellow Jock villagers because they have upbeat personalities.

[edit] Appearance

Boots is a green alligator. He has a lighter green nose, pink eyelids and a white jaw.

[edit] House

Boots' house is mainly inspired by a typical garden setting with an Ivy wall and a stone wall. He plays K.K. Aria either on a radio or stereo.

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