AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtHoundstooth Knit
House MusicK.K. Jazz

Bow is a Lazy Dog villager who has only made an appearance in Animal Forest e+ as an islander.


[edit] Personality

As a Lazy villager, Bow will often talk about eating and sleeping. This does not appeal to Jock villagers since they like to exercise and keep active. Snooty villagers will often get annoyed by his lax nature and lack of care into his appearance. However, Cranky villagers will admire his relaxed attitude and he will bond well with Peppy, Normal and fellow Lazy villagers.

[edit] Appearance

Bow is a lime green dog with brown ears and yellow running across the top and bottom of his face. The tips of his feet and paws are brown, matching his ears and his stomach is white.

[edit] House

Bow's house has Classroom flooring and Old Brick Wallpaper. His contains a clock, a computer with a desk and chair, two gyroids, a Cabana cabinet and a blue shelf.

[edit] Name Meaning

Bow's name may come from the term used to describe a dog's woof, 'Bow-Wow'

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