Boxing Theme

Boxing Theme
Some items in the theme
Total Cost34,210 Bells
Total Sell Price8555 Bells

Become a champion in your very own living room with this theme. It has everything you need to stage a realistic boxing match.

[edit] Items

Name Price Selling Price Available
Boxing Barricade 1,050 Bells 263 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Red Corner 6,800 Bells 1,700 Bells Redd's Shop
Neutral Corner 5,500 Bells 1,375 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Judge's Bell 1,790 Bells 448 Bells Redd's Shop
Boxing Mat 1,180 Bells 295 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Ringside Table 1,320 Bells 330 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Weight Bench 3,590 Bells 898 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Sandbag 3,190 Bells 798 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Speedbag 2,990 Bells 748 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Blue Corner 6,800 Bells 1,700 Bells Tom Nook's Shop (Spotlight Item)
Ringside Seating N/A - Bells Saharah
Boxing Ring Mat N/A - Bells Saharah

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