Boy's Day

Boy's Day
Day20th April - 5th May (Samurai Suits)
1st May - 5th May (Windsocks)
TimeAll Day
GamesAnimal Forest
Animal Forest e+

Boy's Day is an event that happens in the games Animal Forest and Animal Forest e+. During the celebration, Carp flags will appear around the town. The flags are considered as a symbol of strength and wealth in Japan. Later on in the series in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Carp Flags were given out to Japanese players.

[edit] Animal Forest

Boy's Day happens on the 20th of April to 5th of May. During this time, Tom Nook will sell the Samurai Suit in his shop.

[edit] Animal Forest e+

The Celebration's name was changed to Windsocks in this game, but Tom Nook still sells Samurai Suits.

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