Bubble Wand

The Bubble Wand is an item exclusively handed out by Phineas, a friendly sea otter who can only be found in the City on certain days. Unlike the other items Phineas can give you, such as the Pinwheel and Bunny Balloon, the Bubble Wand only comes in the colour pink. If the player runs into the bubbles, they will instantly pop.

[edit] Blowing Bubbles

By pressing A on your Wiimote, your character will comply and blow bubbles out of their bubble wand. This will help distressed villagers feel better faster when you blow your bubble wand at them.

[edit] Other

In animal crossing new leaf you will obtain the bubble wand by street passing the same person 5 times. You can use the 3ds microphone to blow bubbles by simply blowing into to the microphone, or you can just press the A button. It has no other function.

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