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Animal Forest
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Bubbles (チャコ) is a Hippo villager with a Peppy personality. She has appeared in Animal Crossing, Animal Forest, Animal Forest+ and Animal Forest e+

[edit] Appearance

Bubbles is a brown hippo with two teeth stick out of her mouth and large nostrils. The insides of her ears are cerise pink and this matches the colour of inside her mouth. She has small, beady black eyes.

[edit] Personality

Bubbles will often over-react in conversation. For example, if she is in a village competition, she will often say the likelihood of her winning is fairly slim. She also has a short attention span, which will annoy Snooty villagers. She will get along with Jock, Lazy, Normal and fellow Peppy villagers. Cranky villagers will often talk negatively about her.

[edit] House

Bubbles' house includes most of the Apple Series of furniture along with three umbrellas.

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