BirthdayApril 5th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing (GCN)
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original Shirt"eight-ball shirt"
House MusicMy Place


[edit] Appearance

Buck is a green horse with white lining around his face and hooves. Buck has brown hair. His eyes appear to be fixed in an angry expression, but Buck will befriend those actively involved in fitness with ease.

[edit] Personality

Like other jock personalities, Buck will attempt to show off his masculine side when near the player, referencing sports and the gym. He will constantly act competitive when around the player and routinely talk about excersize and what he does to maintain his shape.

Buck will often get into debates with lazy villagers because of this. Jock villagers and lazy villagers almost always react negatively to eachother because of their differing life styles.

[edit] House

Buck House.jpg

Buck's house seems to follow a more contemporary look, with an Old Brick Wall and Opulent Rug. Various modern-looking dressers are also furnished around the house.

[edit] Name Meaning

Buck's name most likely refers to the type of horse used in gymnastics for vaulting. The name could also refer to the sport in which a rider attempts to stay on a horse for an extended period of time while it "bucks", or attempts to rid the rider off its back. These references heavily reflect the species of Buck, as well as his personality.

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