Buildings (ACWW)

If it weren't for some of the buildings in the Animal Crossing Series, the game wouldn't be as enjoyable. Some new buildings make their way into Animal Crossing: Wild World, as well as some of the old ones. Here is a detailed list to help you better understand:


[edit] Town Gate

The Main Gate is always located somewhere on the northern wall depending on the town. From the gate you can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi or connect to a nearby DS using the DS-to-DS feature and visit a friend's town. Or open your gate for others to visit! And using the Chatbox in your menu you can talk to your friend. By talking to the confident Gate Keeper, Copper, you can choose what to do. When you talk to his melancholy assistant, Booker, you can look in the lost and found for any missing items, check to see if there are any special visitors, or even change your town's flag to something more enjoyable!

[edit] Able Sisters

The Able Sisters is located next to Tom Nook's general store, and is run by the Able sisters, Mabel and Sable. It serves the purpose of the town's main tailor and a place where you can buy and sell new clothes, accessories, and umbrellas. Here you can also make your own patterns to design many things with, and if you talk to Sable enough, you can befriend her to listen to interesting conversations. In the store, clothes, accessories, and umbrellas are sold. Most of the clothing prices range from 120-600 bells with the exception of some clothes which cannot be purchased. Most accessories have an average price range of 80-12,000 bells, except for a few such as the Crown and Royal Crown which sell for the incredibly high price of 1,000,000 bells. The umbrellas which don't actually have to be purchased, cost 160 bells each. If you decide to sell something at Nook's, you will get less than half of what you paid for, so think before you buy or sell.

[edit] Shampoodle

The barber shop, officially known as Shampoodle, is only accessible once you get Nookingtons. It's on the ground floor in the back, to the left of the stairs. It serves as the town's only hair salon where you can change your hair style and color by answering a few questions. When you walk in for the first time, you are greeted by the owner, Harriet. She adds to the comfort of a nice, cozy salon. She is a spunky, fashion-obsessed poodle who is very kind and insists on getting to know you. To learn more about her, just walk over to her, and ask: "Who are you?". She will then explain to you who she is and what she loves to do. Despite all of this, Harriet is not the main reason you go to the barber shop; it's to get your hair done. Each hair cut/coloring is 3000 bells, and can be done when you talk to Harriet and say "Do my hair!" or "Make me over!". You are then seated in a chair and forced to remove all accessories so she can begin the process. The first step is to answer a series of questions, which will later decide on what your hair color and style will look like. There are four questions total, the first three deciding the hair style, and the fourth, hair color. There are sixteen different hair styles, eight for the boys and eight for the girls. If you visit Harriet enough as a girl, you will be able to get all sixteen styles. The colors include: dark brown, blue, green, white, light brown, blonde, red, and pink.

[edit] The Roost

The Roost is a cozy little Café located in the museum's ground floor. Here you can drink coffee, talk with other town residents, see K.K. Slider preform on Saturday nights, or just relax whenever you want to. The Café is run by a pigeon named Brewster who you can chat with, and later develop a friendship with. Getting to know him can be interesting, for you find out more about him as you get to know each other. The Café is famous for it's coffee. To get a cup, sit on the first bar stool by pressing the control pad and talk to Brewster. Each mug costs 200 bells. It does seem expensive, but if you buy enough coffee, that's when you can become friends with Brewster. Once in a while, you will find other residents of the town sitting down and drinking coffee themselves. It's always nice to talk to them to see what's going on. You may also find that special characters, such as Pelly and Phyllis, may join you as well. Every Saturday night you will find K.K. Slider sitting on the Café stage from 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

[edit] Museum

One of the original buildings of the Animal Crossing series is the Museum. Here you can donate items that you find or obtain to later view them. These items are fish, bugs, fossils, and paintings. It's great to be able to view a huge collection of rare and common items that you and your roommates worked hard to get, and maybe even show them off to your friends on Wi-Fi. You also get a nice Museum Model for donating everything. It's run full time by a night owl named Blathers, who will greatly accept any donation you have to give that wasn't already donated. The Museum consists of four separate displays; fish, insects, fossils, and paintings. Each has it's own display hall, and you can find out which is which by the imprinted pattern on the carpet in front of each entrance. Upstairs beholds another building . . .

[edit] Observatory

The Observatory is located within the Museum just as the Cafe is. It is on the second floor and is run by Blathers' sister, Celeste. Here in the Observatory you can create constellations, erase constellations, or stargaze. To do any of these things, just face the giant telescope and press A. Creating constellations is a fun way to show your work to other people. Once a constellation is made, it can be viewed in the sky of not just your town, but towns across the Wi-Fi world! If at any time you want to view them close-up, just select "Stargazing" from the telescope menu. Here you can navigate the skies and see all of the stars closer. If you created a constellation you don't like or there's one you want to delete, simply select "Erasing" from the telescope menu. Celeste will log all of your work and will tell you when your star is best available to view in the sky.

[edit] Town Hall

The Town Hall is one of the most important buildings in your town. Inside it is where you can find the Civic Center and Post Office, along with the town dumpster. There are so many things you can do here, and it is run by Pelly during the day and Phylis at night. If you look hard enough, you can even see the mayor in the back sitting at a desk. On the left-side of the building you will find the Civic Center. Here you can either learn of your environment, change the town tune, donate to the Boondox, or move. To access any of these options just walk up to the counter with the green mat, wait for the clerk to get to the right side, and press A. On the right side is the Post Office. Here you can mail or save a letter, or access your bank account. Make sure that when you walk up to the counter you are facing the side with the red mat.

[edit] Tom Nook's Shop

Tom Nook's shop is the main foundation in your town used for buying items, selling items, ordering items, or checking turnip prices. It is expandable and comes with features such as the barber shop (Nookingtons), Point Tracking Machine (PTM), and second floor. This is also the place to go when you need to discuss house expansion issues with Tom Nook. When you first start the game, you are greeted by Tom Nook, a busy Tanooki who runs the town's general store, Nook's Cranny. It's a small, shabby shop that sells only a few items, but remember, it's only the start. If you manage to buy or sell multiple items worth a total 25,000 bells, he will close down the shop for a day and remodel into a bigger store called Nook'n Go. This expansion brings in a better look, more items, and more space. See Tom Nook for more details on the next expansion and other things.

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