Cafe Set

Cafe Set
Cafe Set.png
Total Cost15,740 Bells
Total Sell Price3,940 Bells
One cup of coffee please ...

The Cafe Set is a furniture set that has appeared in the Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. This set consist of items that you would find in a real cafe. The only thing that's missing is K.K. Slider to play a tune and Brewster to serve coffee. You can always fix that by popping in a K.K. Slider CD and serving coffee to your friends instead!

[edit] Items

Name Price Selling Price Available
Coffee Maker 800 Bells 200 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Checkout Counter 3,480 Bells 870 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Cash Register 6,480 Bells 1,620 Bells Tom Nook's Shop
Jukebox 3,200 Bells 800 Bells Tom Nook's Shop (Spotlight Item)
Siphon 1,780 Bells 445 Bells Tom Nook's Shop

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