Red Candy.png
A Red Candy in the player's pocket
Obtained onHalloween
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Candy is an item that is sold by Tom Nook, or given to you by villagers during Halloween. It is used to recieve items from Jack the Pumpkin. His item will be a random piece of furniture from the Spooky Series.

[edit] Recieving Candy

Getting Candy is easy. All you have to do is buy it from Tom Nook...however, if you want it free, there's a way to get the whole Spooky Series very quickly. It requires a good sense of fashion...

First, you need to get a working "look" (see section below), then you need to go to a villager and speak to them. They will give you Free Candy. While it's easier to buy from Tom Nook, if you already have the outfit, use this method.

[edit] "Passing" Looks

These are all the looks that the villager will compliment you on:

Shirt Hat/Accessory
Molecule Tee Tyrolean Hat
Space Suit Space Helmet
Cake Shirt Bridal Veil
Captain's Shirt Captain's Hat
One-Way Tee Cavalier Hat
Chef Outfit Chef Hat
Jungle Camo Combat Helmet
Cycling Outfit Bicycle Helmet
Detective Outfit Detective Hat
Doctor's Coat Doctor's Mirror
Egyptian Outfit King Tut Mask
Explorer's Shirt Explorer's Hat
Firefighter Tee Fireman's Hat

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