BirthdayJuly 15
Original ShirtGelato Shirt
House MusicN/A

Caroline (Japanese name: キャロライン Caroline) is a female squirrel with a normal personality. She has appeared in all three Animal Crossing games. Caroline has had two different names throughout her appearence in Animal Crossing; Caroline and Bliss. Her birthday is July 15th.


[edit] Appearance

Caroline's body is all orange-red. Her hair is yellow with orange trim and the inside of her ears are yellow. She has two large baby-blue eyes with black pupils. She has a small black nose and a normally frowning face. Her tail also has a yellow trim to it.

[edit] Personality

Caroline is a very sweet and friendly villager, with a normal personality. She doesn't take very long to befriend with the player and she gets along with mostly all of the villagers that she talks to but, occasionally may conflict with snooty or cranky villagers because she is very sensitive. She favours pink furniture and will often ask the player if they have any pink furniture to give her and might remind them constantly. She usually brings up Moppina, unseen mop character, or her how much she loves the town. She also has a keen interest for gardening and enjoys talking about flowers.

[edit] Animal Crossing

Bliss from Animal Crossing (GCN)
In Animal Crossing (GCN) Caroline had her orginal name, which was Bliss. Not only that, but her outer appearence was different. She wore a flower in her hair and wore a different style shirt then she does in later games. Bliss was not a normal villager in the game because she was only accesible through the Island, along with many other villager similar to her style of a flower in the hair. Her personality was normal. Her catchphrase was "hulaaaa", possibly relating to the island theme.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World brought much change to Caroline. For one, her name was changed from Bliss to Caroline. Caroline was one of the few to make an appearence from the Island in Animal Crossing to the real world in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Along with updated graphics, she lost the flower she wore in her hair, probably due to the lose of the island theme, and her shirt changed to the orange and hite stripe shirt she wears now. Her picturephrase was "Relax!", possibly referring to her past lifestyle, and her personality and catchphrase remained the same.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Caroline once again makes an appearence, being one of the few villagers to appear in every game in the series. Once again she got an updated look grpahic-wise and kept her personality, catchphrase, and style. Sadly, with the removal of pictures, she no longer kept her picturephrase.

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