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[edit] The Characters

[edit] Blanca

Blanca is a cat with a blank face. She may show up at your town asking you to draw her a new face. Faces you draw on her can be seen when she visits other peoples towns.

[edit] Blathers

Blathers is a nocturnal owl who stays at the museum. If you talk to him, you can donate fossils, fish, paintings, or bugs to the museum galleries. Blathers is the only one who works in the actual Museum. He works hard to maintain the exhibits and make sure the things you donate are happy and safe.

[edit] Brewster

Brewster is a pigeon who works at The Roost. The Roost can be found in the basement of the museum. He serves you coffee and you can befriend him. Other residents and characters can be found at random times in The Roost. Once you buy seven cups of coffee from Brewster, he will give you some extra storage space to store your Gyroids.

[edit] Booker

Booker is one of the guards who guard your town gate. Booker is a bit of a nervous Nelly, but he is also a great source of information. If you talk to him, he will give you options to change your town's flag, visit the lost and found, and keep you up to date on any visitors to your town.

[edit] Celeste

Celeste is also a nocturnal owl who stays on the top of the museum in the observatory. If you talk to her, she will let you view many stars, and create constellations which you will later be able to see up in the sky when it is the right time for them to appear.

[edit] Chip

Chip is a beaver who appears on Fish Catching Tournament days. He runs the fishing stall that will appear in front of Town Hall on those days. When you give Chip a fish that is not needed in the tournament he will eat it and give you information on how he likes to eat/cook that specific fish.

[edit] Copper

Copper is the other guard who guards your town gate. He works along side Booker. Copper is the confident dog who will help you out without hesitation. You can talk to him about Wi-Fi related options, such as obtaining your friend code, opening your gate, and visiting others.

[edit] Don

Don is Mr. Resetti's nephew. He works in the Reset Surveillance Center, which can be found once a week behind the orange pylons at the right end of the city. The first time you walk in to the center, either Don or Mr. Resetti will give you a Silver Shovel.

[edit] Dr. Shrunk

Dr Shrunk is a shrink who lives in the city. You can go to see him performing in the theatre which is located in the city. Fork over a few Bells to gain admittance to his Marquee shows, where Dr. Shrunk will teach you new emotions to show your to your friends via Wi-Fi. See Emotions (ACCF).

[edit] Emcee

Clerk is actually a character in the game who you will never see. He/She will talk before and after Dr. Shrunk presents in the Theatre.

[edit] Franklin

Franklin is a turkey who comes to your town during the Harvest Festival. He usually hides behind trees or neighbors houses. If you give him a knife and fork from Tortimer, he will give you harvest furniture. If you keep giving him knife and fork then you can get all of the harvest furniture. Just remember, he's not in the same place every time.

[edit] Frillard

Frillard is a lizard who fills in for Dr. Shrunk occasionally at the Marquee and teaches you emotes you can not normally learn. Animal Crossing: City Folk is the first game that Frillard makes an appearence in. See Emotions (ACCF).

[edit] Gracie

Gracie is a giraffe who runs her own store in the City called GracieGrace. You can purchase clothes and furniture from the store. Once in a blue moon, Gracie will grace the shop in a while to show her loyal fans that she cares. Speak to her and you might learn a thing or two about fashion.

[edit] Gulliver

Gulliver is a bird who can be seen flying across your town in his trusty UFO at random times. You can shoot him down with your slingshot. Once you find where he landed, he will need your help finding his UFO parts. Once you find them and bring them back, he will reward you.

[edit] Harriet

Harriet is a poodle who has her own hairdressing parlor in the city. You can change your hairstyle or get your Mii's face on your character with her assistance. Harriet has several different hairstyles for you, and whatever she does, it's guaranteed to do wonders for your image!

[edit] Jingle

Jingle is a character that gives you presents on December 24. He is the helper of Santa Claus and he delivers presents to every little boy or girl in town, including animals.

[edit] Joan

Joan is an old hog that visits your town every Sunday from 6am to 12pm. She usually is seen walking around your town and she will sell you red and white turnips. The white turnips will help with making money as well!

[edit] Kaitlin

Kaitlin is a mother cat who you may find wandering around your town. You must wait for someone who finds Katie, her daughter, in their town.

[edit] Kapp'n

Kapp'n is the snapping turtle who drives the bus which you can take to the city. He is a little different, as he doesn't really live in the city or the town. A chatty fellow who has seen it all, Kapp'n is always ready to offer his stowaways a few words of wisdom.

[edit] Katie

Katie is a small cat who you may find wandering around your town. Katie has lost her mother and when you agree she will follow you. You must then find a town over WiFi where Kaitlin, her mother, is.

[edit] Katrina

Katrina is a cat who can tell you your fortune for a small price. She can be found in the far east of the city. If your third eye is in need of some exercise, swing by Katrina's. Katrina can also advise you on ways to acquire charms, which can help improve your luck.

[edit] Kicks

Kicks is a skunk who runs a shoeshinery buisness in the City. His runs his buisness on a stoop and only appears on sunny or normal days when no snow or rain is falling. Animal Crossing: City Folk is the first game Kicks makes an appearence in.

[edit] K.K. Slider

K.K Slider is a dog who performs ever Saturday in The Roost. He will be there anytime after 8:00 pm and will accept any song requests. Once he has finished the song, he will give you a bootleg which you can put on a stereo back at your house. You can also request encore, although he will not give you bootlegs for them.

[edit] Labelle

Labelle works at Gracie-Grace, a trendy department store at the city's north end. She sells many different clothes and items which Gracie has created. All of the items in her store cost a lot of money, and their inventory changes seasonally.

[edit] Lyle

Lyle works at the HRA Academy which can be located in the city. You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but Lyle is all about style! He yearns to help you discover your inner decorator. Stop by his shop to learn about the Happy Room Academy and sign up for their regular contests. You might even get your home into Lyle's model room for all to see.

[edit] Mabel

Mabel is one of the hedgehogs who work in the Able Sisters. This shop can be located in your town. She is the clerk and follows you around asking if you would like to buy the clothes in her shop. If you talk to her, you have the option to design your own patterns.

[edit] Nat

Nat is a chameleon who runs the Bug Catching Tournament in town on specific days. On those days he will run the Bug Catching Stall.

[edit] Pascal

Pascal is an otter who can be found on random days, randomly in your town by a water source. When you see him, search the beaches for a scallop or two and then talk to Pascal and you may be able to get score a piece of furniture from the Pirate Set from him.

[edit] Pelly

Pelly is a pelican who works at the Town Hall in your town. You can talk to her about town related things. Shes runs the Civic Center and the Post Office. She works during the day.

[edit] Pete

Pete is a pelican who mails letters. You can find him wandering your town on weekdays.

[edit] Phineas

Phineas is a friendly animal who appears on sunny days at the city plaza. Just talking to Phineas makes him so happy that he is willing to give you one of his special gifts! Be prepared to choose from a balloon, a bunny balloon, a pinwheel, or a bubble wand!

[edit] Phyllis

Phyllis works the night shift at the Town Hall which can be located in your town. She runs the Civic Center and the Post Office. Phyllis isn't the nicest person in the world, but whose dream job is running the night shift, anyway?

[edit] Redd

Redd is a market seller who sells you expensive goods and paintings. You can only become his 'cousin' if you get an invitation from a neighbor in your town. It costs 3,000 Bells to become a part of his exclusive store. Be careful as some of his paintings are dodgy.

[edit] Resetti

Resetti is an angry mole who can be found in the Resetti Surveillance Center, which is to the left of the city. You may only visit him here if it is after 8:00pm and the cones are pushed aside. He will also appear outside your house if you reset or don't save your game.

[edit] Rover

Rover will help you throughout the first part of the game when you are on the bus and he will appear later on in the game as well. He is also always seen before you begin your adventure into the village every day. The first time that you ride the bus to the city, Rover will be sitting with you asking if you want to turn on WiiConnect24.

[edit] Sable

Sable works at the Able Sisters along with her sister Mable. You can befriend Sable if you come into the store on a daily basis and have conversations with her. As you get more close to her, she starts to reveal certain things; such as her life and her parents.

[edit] Saharah

Saharah is a female camel who will trade old walpapers for new rare ones. She can be found wandering around your town on random days of the year.

[edit] Serena

Serena is a spirit who appears out of the fountain when you purchase it. Talking to her is the only way to get the Silver and Golden Axe. Animal Crossing: City Folk is the fist game Serena appears in.

[edit] Snowman

Put together two snowballs to make a snowman, who will give you snowman furniture!

[edit] Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a crazy raccoon who owns the store in your village. He will upgrade his store once you have purchased a certain amount of items. He will also upgrade your house, buy turnips from you, as well as paint the roof of your house. He is one of the most important characters of your game.

[edit] Tortimer

Tortimer is the mayor of your town. He will be outside the Town Hall on special events. He can also be seen behind the desk in the town hall sleeping. When you first settle in your town, Tortimer will be in the Town Hall waiting to have a chat with you.

[edit] Wendell

Wendell is a walrus who will trade special patterns for food. The type of food will change the pattern you receive after he eats.

[edit] Wisp

Wisp is a ghost who comes out at night. If you give him the empty lamp, he will grant you one out of three wishes.

[edit] Zipper T. Bunny

Zipper is a bunny who shows up on Bunny Day. Zipper hides eggs around town and if bunny foil is inside you can trade it for special furniture.

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