Controls (GCN)


[edit] A Button

This is the controller that Animal Crossing is played on

Facing another character: Talk Facing a door: Enter Building Facing a product: Buy Facing furniture: Move/Interact Facing a tree: Shake tree Facing a bulletin board: Read/Post Messages When holding an item: Use Item In the item screen, use to display list of options for each item such as: drop, grab, throw away, and read

[edit] B Button

Put away items Put away furniture Hold down to run while moving Go back a space whilst composing Go back to previous screens Press while on top of a weed to pull it out. Whilst talking to someone, press B to speed up the rate the words come accross the screen and to go to the next set of words.

[edit] C Stick

Adjust camera (inside of houses)

[edit] Control Stick

Tilt to walk; more pressure=faster movement Move the cursor on item screens/map screen

[edit] L and R Buttons

Switch keyboards while composing Press the L, R, and Z buttons simultaneously to stop playing a NES game Hold down while moving around to run {Credit to luigi009} Use to move items around in your inventory.{Credit to luigi009}

[edit] Start Button

Open or close item screen

[edit] X Button

Look at map (you must have your map first Switch order of characters when composing a message from how it is on a keyboard to alphabetical order

[edit] Y Button

Open or close the item screen

[edit] Z Button

Press the L, R, and Z buttons simultaneously to stop playing a NES game Turn lights on or off while inside house {Credit to luigi009}

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