Crazy Redd's

Crazy Redd's
When is it open?10:00am - 1:00am
What does it sell?Furniture and Paintings
Where is it?Animal Crossing
Town Hall Plaza
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Town Hall Plaza
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Left-side of City
Crazy Redd's is run by a fox named Redd. Redd is a deceiving individual who has appeared in all of the Animal Crossing games and is the owner of his own shop called Crazy Redd's.


[edit] Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, Redd has a nice little tent that showcases his items. If you want to know when he will be coming around, talk to the guard dog Copper for a reminder. Or, Redd will send you a flier in the mail, so don't forget to keep on checking it! When you enter the tent, Redd will have one or two furniture objects to sell and one painting on display. Redd will sometimes sell items that Nook will not have.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Redd still has his trusty tent. Only this time, you are required to enter a pass word in order to enter the tent. The password can be obtained by talking to neighbors or by taking a look at the list below. Redd will now sell one furniture object and one painting that may be counterfeit. Redd Usually only sells One Painting, One any day item and One item that is only found in his shop.

[edit] Passwords

Note: These are only useable in AC:WW as it is the only game that requires them.

Redd's Phrase - Password

  • An open wallet - is often empty
  • Ask and you shall - be charged
  • Bottom dollar - top dog
  • Cat's away - mice shop
  • Courage is nice - cash is freedom
  • Crazy Redd - is 35
  • Even robbers - have safes
  • Fan in one hand - cash in other
  • Foot in the door - eye on prize
  • For Redd's fans - shop here again
  • Get an education - or win it big
  • Give 2 cents - ask for change
  • Golden ingots? - Redd Bells
  • Head in sand - find something
  • Honest/Healthy souls - can be bought
  • Hot and cold - money makes it
  • I'm all alone - but I have cash
  • Life expectancy - Redd is 35
  • Look at people - wallets full
  • Neighbor Raccoon - one ugly fellow
  • No flowers - just cash
  • No money - means no fun
  • Roses have - high prices
  • Rough childhood - lax adulthood
  • Someone to wed - no way Nook
  • Spoiled rotten - bean curd
  • Talk is cheap - so is Redd
  • Thankless task - goes unpaid
  • The grass is greener - on my side
  • The pen is mightier - and cheaper
  • Turn back - what'd you miss
  • What's fabulous - is inside
  • What's inside - is fabulous
  • Why buy the cow - get milk here

[edit] Animal Crossing: The Movie

Red and his black market makes an appearance in the movie, it is setted up during the Fireworks Show. Red stands outside his tent while all the items are inside it. Red manages to trick Yu and Alfonso into buying a fake Golden Slingshot, claiming they are very rare, even though he has a fullbox of fake Golden Slingshots in his tent.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Redd's puny tent has now been upgraded to a shop in the City. Only one problem, it's on the shady side of town. When you first knock on the door, Redd will not let you enter unless you have an invitation and 3,000 Bells on you. You can receive an invitation by talking to your neighbors and having them ask you to send one to your mailbox, or by receiving one from your friends via Wi-Fi. It now carries a few furniture items and a painting that may be counterfeit. Redd usually has items in his shop that are very overpriced, but you can only get them from him. Every time you leave his shop, Redd will give you an invitation to give to your friends because he needs more customers. You may send it to them via the Town Hall's mail service.

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