BirthdayJanuary 29th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original Shirt"GameCube Shirt (Animal Crossing)"
House MusicK.K. Technopop

Cube is a Lazy Penguin Villager who has made his appearance in Animal Crossing (GCN), then soon reappeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World followed by Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Since he is a lazy villager, he doesn't get along very well with jock or snooty villagers because they don't agree with or understand his lifestyle choice. He loves food and has a chilled outlook on life. When talking to snobby villagers, he asks about their dinner plans.

[edit] Appearance

Cube is a rather odd-looking penguin with large, button eyes and a bright blue shirt bearing a white outline of the Nintendo Gamecube logo. His head is completely black with yellow lining near his neck and inside his beak. There is also a section of white underneath his chin.

[edit] House

Cube's house includes a lot of furniture from the Robo Series of furniture and is inspired by Sci-Fi acts. He has a Daffodil Chair, Tulip Chair and a Red Snapper in a tank.

[edit] Name Meaning

Cube is derived from Cube's obsession with the Nintendo Console, the Gamecube. His shirt, sayings, and attitude all point towards this.

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