BirthdayMarch 9th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original Shirt"Wave Shirt"
House MusicNone
Picture Inscription"Wish you were here!"

Cyrano (Japanese name: さくらじま Sakura-jima) is a blue, cranky Anteater. He made his first appearance in Animal Crossing and has appeared in all of the Animal Crossing games. His face is a dark tan as well as the tips of his arms and legs are. Cyrano has big bushy eyebrows and a group of three freckles on his snout.


[edit] Personality

Cyrano is a cranky villager. When you first meet him and introduce yourself, Cyrano will not talk for long and basically tells you that you should stay on his good side and if you do anything to make him mad, you better be prepared for the worst. Gradually, he will get more tolerable as you learn to understand him a bit better. Cyrano is a history buff and loves to hunt and collect fossils. In fact, he might even ask you to bring him a few. Cyrano is an older character. You can tell that this is true by his deep voice and his stories he tells you.

[edit] Appearance

Cyrano mostly consists of blue fur with a bushy blue tail. His face and extended snout is a muddy orange along with his hands and feet. He has a very intense and angry expression set in his fiercely thick eyebrows, with freckles on the tip of his snout and small, pink ears. His original Wave Shirt matches his overall body colour scheme exceedingly well.

[edit] Animal Crossing Movie

Warning: This section may contain plot spoilers.  

Cyrano appeared in the Animal Crossing Movie as a minor character. He appeared at The Roost when Ai was looking for Apollo. When he wasn't there, Cesar and Cyrano laughed hysterically. Cyrano then tells Ai that Apollo left town. He also appears at the beach to participate in the festival. During the time when Sally decides that she wants to leave town, Halberd and Yu trap Cyrano and Cesar into a pitfall seed. The last appearance Cyrano makes is when he shows up at the UFO crash site.

[edit] House

Cyrano's house is heavily based upon a Japanese theme. Like most villagers, he has a very neat house where the mojority of the items are against the wall and there is a centerpiece in the middle. His house contains the following items:

[edit] Name Meaning

Cyrano is named after Cyrano de Bergerac, who was a 17th-century soldier and science fiction writer. Cyrano de Bergerac's talents and his exquisite nose are what provided the reason for Rostand to write his popular play "Cyrano de Bergerac".

[edit] Trivia

  • Cyrano was on e-Card 104 in Animal Crossing-e.
  • Cyrano appeared in Animal Forest.
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