Don Resetti

Don Resetti
AppearancesAnimal Crossing (GCN), Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Don Resetti is a mole, who has appeared in the Animal Crossing Series. He has only appeared in Animal Crossing version and will make a reappearance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Don Resetti is Mr Resetti's brother and like his brother, he tells players the importance of saving the game but in a more kind mannered way.

[edit] Personality

Don, unlike his nagging older brother, is a laid back and calm character. He gently asks you to not reset your game, which is a much easier way to return to your game after resetting your game. His appearence, though, is much rarer than Resetti's, and therefore, you will see him much less. This makes seeing Don all the more special, though, as his overall expression and appearence alleviates the normal pain that Resetti usually inflicts.

[edit] Appearance

Don's clothes are very similar to Sonny's. He wears a bright yellow hat and denim blue dungarees. His face is pretty much identical to Resetti's, but Don is mich thinner than him. Don's body is almost stretched out, compared to Resetti. His facial expressions are also much more relaxed, as he is a much more positive thinker when compared to his younger brother, Resetti.

[edit] Name Meaning

Resetti, is Don's surname and is supposedly meaning Reset. His first name, Don, could possibly be the abbreviation of the word Don't. Putting his first and last name together, "Don't Reset". The name is fitting since it's his job, along with Mr. Resetti, to advice us to not reset the game without saving.

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