E-Reader (GCN)

If you have an e-reader (available only in certain parts of Japan and America) and a copy of Animal crossing then you are ready to go and collect some Animal Crossing E- cards. Which are very special to the game and will make your experience playing much better. Animal Crossing E Cards are cards that feature special games, events, and items you can’t get anywhere on the game. There are even mini-games such as jump rope that you can play once you scan the card. There are also special codes on the back of every card that you can tell to Tom Nook and get a special prize (You do not tell this code to Tom Nook. You write this code in a letter to one of the animals living in your town. If the animal matches the card, ie: card with code is Bunnie and write letter to Bunnie, you will often get a harder to find item. There are 275 character cards, 4 B Cards, 1 G Card, 4 Promo Cards, 14 Music Cards, 14 Design Cards, and 16 Player Cards.). On every Animal Crossing e-card you will find that there is a digital code printed on it’s edges. With Nintendo’s e-reader you can scan the code and you can get special surprises. Even mini games that you can play on your GBA. You might also get some cards that can send data to your GameCube system and unlock some surprises.

[edit] How to connect

To connect your e-reader to your GameCube, just have a GameCube link cable and the e-reader ready. Then connect the link cable to the top of the e-reader, and plug your e-reader into your GBA. Finally connect the link cable into the GameCube and head on over to the post office. Once you are there, you will find an e-reader machine. It will give you some instructions and then you can scan any card you want. Where can I find Animal Crossing e-cards? Some Japanese and North American retailers sell the e-cards. Stores such as “EB Games” and “Toys R US.” Things that you can get from the e cards Letters and gifts: On every e-card there is an Animal character, or a human character. You can get special prizes and letters from them.

Town melodies: With some e-cards you can get very special town melodies. Just go to your melody board and scan the card. Designs: You can get very special cloth patterns with the e-cards. Just go to your nearby tailor and scan the card. Mini games: You can get very special mini games through your e-reader that you can play on your GBA. Such as jump rope and many others. I hope you have fun with your scanning and good luck!

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