BirthdayDecember 8th
AppearancesAnimal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtN/A
House Music"K.K. Jazz"
Picture Inscription"You'll want to display this prominently!"

Eloise (Japanese name: エクレア, Éclair) is a villager of the Elephant species and has the snooty personality. She has appeared in all three version of the game.


[edit] Personality

Despite having a bright appearance about her, Eloise is somewhat snooty and rude, matching her personality. Eloise hasn't changed much since her first appearance in Animal Crossing, but she will always be there to give you the honest truth about how you look. Based on the music in her house, Eloise seems to love Jazz and apparently likes to mix things up a bit with her home.

[edit] Appearance

Eloise is a yellow elephant with a crop of brown hair on the top of her head and brown hooves. The inside of her trunk and ears are green and she has large eyes with black pupils. She always has a big, pleasant smile on the left side of her face and her Original Shirt matches with her body's overall colour scheme perfectly.

[edit] House

Eloise seems to decorate her home without a common theme or style. The following are items inside of her home:

[edit] Name Meaning

The name Eloise is most likely derived from the Greek word ‘ηλιος (helios), which means Sun. The color yellow is most often the color refered to the Sun, which happens to be the color of Eloise's skin.

[edit] Trivia

  • Eloise and Opal, who are both Elephants, share the same personality; Snooty.
    • They both also share a similar catchphrase, both including "-oot".
  • Eloise, Opal, and Margie, all female elephants, have appeared in all versions of Animal Crossing.

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