Emotions are actions that the player can use throughout the Animal Crossing Series to express a certain feeling. The player is allowed to learn four emotions at the same time and these can be replaced by other emotions if the player chooses to.

[edit] How To Get

Here are the two current ways in which you, the Player, can attain useable Emotions in the Animal Crossing series.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

In the very first installment in which Emotions were made useable by the Player alongside the CPUs which originally used them, they can be collected by having Dr. Shrunk, a psychologist, come to your Town two days a week, with the days changing each week. He generally sees Humans as rather dim-witted for not being able to properly express their feelings to others and decides to help teach you one of four offered Emotions during each visit(these change with each encounter).

Here's what he'll say in-game with each Emotion he teaches you:

As I said before, you may call me Dr. Shrunk. Don't worry about being candid. All of our sessions are subject to doctor-patient confidentiality! Got it? Good! Your enthusiasm will serve you well in your journey to expression! As sentient beings, each of us possesses a wealth of memories and emotions. If we keep them bottled up, we will burst like so many agitated cans of soda! And believe me, the cleanup is dreadfully messy. I cannot stress enough the importance of expressing your feelings. In these sessions, you may unearth some painful memories and emotions. But you must press on! For your own sake! For all of ours! Just follow my lead!

Yes! That's precisely it! You've just made a major breakthrough! And you have now learned how to express an Emotion! Of course, the range of human emotions is deep, and to be well-rounded. You must learn as many expressions as you can!

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

In this installment of the Animal Crossing Series, Dr. Shrunk has gradually transitioned from a well-thought psychologist to a starving comedian with a severe lack of natural talent who performs at the Marquee daily from 10:00 in the morning to 11:00 in the evening. He performs alongside the veteran comedian known as Dr. Frillard. Rather than simply gaining one of four available Emotions free each week, there is a fee of 800 Bells that must be paid in order to see one of four stand-up acts at the Marquee under the name of each of the four Emotions offered at that time.

Here is a list of all the emotions available in Animal Crossing: City Folk:

Emotion Teacher Description
Anger Shrunk Red face and anger smoke.
Bashfulness Frillard Rosy Cheeks.
Curiosity Shrunk Question Mark.
Delight Shrunk Applause.
Disbelief Shrunk Distrustful face and yellow lines.
Disappointment Shrunk Sighful pant.
Disinterest Shrunk Blank expression and leaf.
Distress Shrunk Sweating.
Fear Shrunk Shakiness.
Glee Shrunk Singing.
Happiness Shrunk Large smile.
Heartbreak Shrunk Heart snapped in half.
Inspiration Frillard Light bulb.
Irritation Shrunk Angry eyebrows.
Joy Shrunk Petals.
Laughter Shrunk Cheery laugh.
Love Shrunk Heart above head.
Mischeif Shrunk Mischievious look and shadow.
Outrage Frillard Red face and large anger smoke.
Realization Shrunk Exclamation point.
Resignation Shrunk Shrug.
Sadness Shrunk Frown and black swirls.
Shock Shrunk Yellow star around face.
Sleepiness Frillard Yawn and sleepy puff.
Sorrow Shrunk Cry.
Surprise Shrunk White lines around head.
Thought Frillard Thought bubble and eclipse.
Worry Shrunk Frown and eybrows shrugged.

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