Event list (GCN)


[edit] January

  • 1st, New Year's Day - Go to the Well between 6am and 11am and talk to Tortimer.

[edit] February

  • 2nd, Groundhog Day - Be at the Well by 7am and talk to Tortimer after the event.

[edit] March

  • 20th or 21st, Spring Sports Fair - Go to the Well to see these events: 9am: Gymnastics 11am: Footrace 1pm: Ball Game 3pm: Tug-of-War

[edit] April

  • 1st, April Fools' Day

Be sure to talk to all your town's animals to hear some funny tails (I mean tales!). And be sure to talk to Tortimer for a big surprise.

  • 5th-7th Cherry Blossom Festival -- Many of the trees in your town will start to turn pink. Be sure to talk to some your town's animals and they will talk to you about it. Don't forget to visit Tortimer at the Well.
  • 22nd -- Nature Day -- Animal Crossing is not just about kindness to animals, getting along with friends, and helping others. It's about getting along with Mother Nature. Again, be sure to visit Tortimer at the Well.

[edit] May

  • 1st -- Spring Cleaning -- Once again, find Tortimer (I sense a pattern here) to get your gift. Isn't he generous?
  • 1st-5th -- "Koinobori" (fish-shaped windsocks) will appear in your town. These windsocks are in reference to a Japanese celebration in which the windsocks are painted to look like brightly-colored fish to amuse the children.
  • 2nd Sunday -- Mother's Day -- Since your mother in Animal Crossing sends you letters all the time, you'd better think of her on this day! (Oh, and don't forget to think of your real mother, too!) Be sure to find Tortimer so he can offer you a gift.

[edit] June

  • 2nd Friday -- Graduation Day -- Congratulations on making it this far in Animal Crossing (not that it's hard...)! Visit Tortimer for your gift.
  • 3rd Sunday -- After thinking of your real father, turn on AC and visit your town's "father" Tortimer.
  • Every Sunday -- Summer Fishing Tourney -- Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Don't miss your chance to catch the biggest fish! Oh yeah, and don't forget to find Tortimer on one of those days.

[edit] July

  • 4th -- Fireworks Show -- Go to the lake from 7pm to 9pm to see the fireworks. Redd will be there to sell things, too. Be sure to find Tortimer.
  • July 25th-August 31st -- Exercises w/Copper -- From 6am to 7am, Copper will lead the villagers in exercises. Be sure to get an event card from the Mayor. Get the card stamped by Tortimer 14 times during the event and you'll earn a special prize. When at aerobics, use the C stick on the controller to do the moves. It takes a little practice, but you can pretty easily figure out how to move the stick for each exercise.
  • Random Day -- "Your Hometown" Day -- To celebrate your unique town in the AC world, on a random day you town will celebrate its very own holiday. Check your journal calendar for the date, and don't forget to visit Tortimer!

[edit] August

  • 12th -- Meteor Shower -- From 6pm to 9pm, join your villagers at the Lake to see the summer meteors. Again, find Tortimer to get your commemorative gift!
  • 21st -- Founder's Day -- Head for the Well and listen to Tortimer offer his thoughts on the founders of the world of AC.
  • Every Day -- Morning Exercises -- Led by Copper, these exercises continue all month. Be sure to get your prize from Tortimer once you've collected 14 stamps on your event card!

[edit] September

  • 1st Monday -- Labor Day -- Listen to Tortimer's thoughts on the town's progress and you will receive a gift.
  • 23rd or 24th -- Fall Sports Fair -- Same time table as the Fall Sports Fair, but a different prize from Tortimer.
  • Varies -- Harvest Moon -- The date changes each year, so be sure to check your personal calendar. Go to the Lake to see the gorgeous moon (pretty good graphics on this one; props to Nintendo) and get your prize from Tortimer.

[edit] October

  • 2nd Monday -- Explorer's Day -- A day reserved for one of the major points of Animal Crossing: exploring! Head over to the Well and talk to Tortimer to claim your prize.
  • 16th to 25th -- Mushrooming Season -- For each mushroom you find between 8am and 9am, Nook will pay 5,000 bells, so get up early! Five mushrooms will appear about every 15 minutes in your village. Find them before your villagers do!
  • 31st -- Halloween -- This is a big holiday in the world of Animal Crossing. Two weeks before the event, Nook will stock candy in his store. Try to buy every piece, and keep them in your house in the basement or in cabinets, etc. On Halloween, fill your inventory with candy. Your villagers will all be disguised as Jack, with Jack-o-Lanterns on their heads. They will run after you and if they catch you, they'll ask for a piece of candy. If you claim you don't have any, they will turn your clothes to rags or change something in your inventory. *TIP* Wear a self-designed pattern. If your clothes get turned to rags, you can simply go back to your pattern and change clothes again. Go to the Well and find Tortimer (he'll be in costume, but he won't chase you, so you'll know it's him). Get your prize and you can hide it in old letters or put it in your basement. Then set out to find the real Jack (also won't chase you, so you'll know it's him). Give him a piece of candy, and he'll give you a piece of the rare Spooky furniture collection. Then leave the acre, and you'll have to find him again. Keep doing this as long you want. You can collect the whole series if you don't run out of candy first! Jack will be in your town from 6pm to 1am. Varies -- Harvest Moon -- See September.

[edit] November

  • 1st Tuesday -- Mayor's Day -- At the Wishing Well, Tortimer honors the most important citizen in town: himself! Be sure to collect the gift he gives you.
  • 11th -- Officer's Day -- To celebrate the two hardest-working individuals in town, Tortimer will give you a memento to remind you to respect Copper and Booker's authority all year 'round.
  • Every Sunday -- Fall Fishing Tourney -- Wake up early and try to beat the biggest caught Bass of the day. You will collect a prize for each day you catch the biggest fish. You can also find the Mayor and receive a gift from him.
  • 4th Thursday -- Harvest Festival -- From 3pm to 9pm, a melodrama will play out in your town, except it's for real! Poor Franklin the turkey has been invited to dinner... or is it AS dinner? Help him out by finding him first (he may be hiding behind a house) and talking to him. To help him, head for the Well where a special feast is being prepared. Steal the knife and fork, and then go hunting for Franklin again. As thanks, he will give you a piece from the rare Harvest furniture collection. Keep stealing the silverware as many times as you want to collect the whole series... and no one but you and Franklin will be any the wiser.
  • 4th Friday -- Sale Day -- The day after Harvest Day is Sale Day. Head to Nook's for some grab bags with great items at low prices. Redd will also be in town peddling his usual wares. Be sure to check out his tent and also talk to the Mayor!

[edit] December

  • 1st -- Snow Day -- Though you may not see snow beginning on this day, the Mayor will still want to tell you about it. Talk to him to get a cool prize.
  • 23rd -- Toy Day -- I know, I know, there's no Christmas in Animal Crossing. Why? Who knows; it's obviously Nintendo's call, and us true-blue Animal Crossers are still reeling from the shock. But hey, at least you still get a present from Tortimer, which will vary depending on whether your character is a boy or a girl.
  • 24th -- Jingle Comes To Town -- From 8pm to 1am, Jingle the lovable reindeer will be in your town to spread joy and gifts. Find and talk to him five times and he will give you a piece of the rare Jingle furniture collection. You can collect more pieces by walking far away from him after receiving your gift, changing into a very different outfit, and talking to him again. If you're lucky, he'll think you're a different person. If your outfit's not different enough, he'll know you're trying to trick him and he'll keep his presents to himself. 31st -- New Year's Eve -- Celebrate another year as an Animal Crosser by joining your animal friends at the Lake, where a huge clock has been built to count down the final moments leading up to the New Year. Starting at 11pm and continuing until 1am, there will be a fireworks display. Be sure to check it out and talk to Tortimer to receive a gift. Don't forget to return later on January 1st for the New Year's Day celebration! Thanks to Gaming Guru for this guide.

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