Fireworks Show

Fireworks Show
Day27th of August
GamesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
The Fireworks Show is an event that has appeared in the entire Animal Crossing Series though, in Animal Crossing version the Fireworks show was called Bonfire Night. It is typically held during other events, usually events of celebration, such as New Year's Eve.

During the Fireworks Show, the weather will always be clear with no rain at all. When outdoors, player and the villagers can see the fireworks exploding in the sky in many different colours. When indoors, the room will occasionally get a flash of light from the fireworks.

Player can recieve Roman Candles, Sparklers and Party Poppers from Tortimer who stands outside the Town Hall throughout the whole event. The music played during this event will appear different from how the game's music will usually sound.

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