Foreign Fruit

Foreign Fruit is a term to describes any type of fruit that did not grow naturally in your town at the start of the game. Every type of fruit can be considered foreign fruit depending on the town you are in and what fruit started off growing in the town.

[edit] Uses

An example of a foreign fruit, a coconut

Foreign Fruit has three main types of uses.

  • Planting - Players typically first plant the first of each foreign fruit they get in order to hopefully get a fruit tree for that fruit. Foreign fruit trees are often commonly used by players as a fruit orchard.
  • Gifting - Foreign fruits are often good gifts to send to fellow villagers in town. With luck, maybe a villager will send a good present back!
  • Selling - The second main use for foreign fruit is selling. Since foreign fruit is considered rare and does not naturally grow in your town, Tom Nook is willing to by each piece of foreign fruit for 500 Bells each.

[edit] Obtaining

There are many ways to achieve these fruits.

  • Trading: Trading your fruit with friends is a great way to get a lot of different kinds of fruit to plant into your town. Make plans with them to open their gates or have them visit your town and share as many fruits as you like! This is the easiest way to get foreign fruit.
  • Mail: Sometimes your parents will send you fruit in the mail; this is very rare. You can also get foreign fruits by writing your villager a letter that says something along the lines of 'friend friend fruit'. Don't forget to attach a present, as well! They should respond to your letter with a letter and a present. Open the present and you might be lucky enough to find some foreign fruit.
  • Talking: Talking to your villagers may give you the chance to get a new fruit. This is uncommon though.
  • Washing up on the shore: Sometimes coconuts can wash up on the shore of your beach. Be quick to grab it and the coconut is now yours! Plant it along your beach and watch it grow. (Please note that coconuts do not grow unless they are planted in the grass next to the beach.)

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