Fossils (GCN)

There are 12 sets of fossils in Animal Crossing, making a total of twenty seven fossils to collect.


[edit] Getting Fossils

While walking around your town, you may see something that looks similar to a crack in the ground. if you do, get out your shovel and dig at the spot. You will either receive a fossil, gyroid, or a pitfall seed.

[edit] Donating

If you are a stickler for perfection and love to complete things, then you may donate fossils to the Museum. For the fossils to be examined and identified, you must send via mail to the Faraway Museum. When you get them back, the fossil will be placed into the Dinosaur Exhibit.

[edit] Selling Fossils

If you do not care about collecting fossils and completing your Museum and you like big bucks, you may sell each fossil that you find to Tom Nook. You must make sure that you fossil is identified. If it is not, Tom Nook will not buy it from you.

[edit] Fossils

[edit] Triceratops Skeleton

Fossil Name Selling Price
Triceratops Skull 5,500 Bells
Triceratops Torso 5,000 Bells
Triceratops Tail 4,500 Bells

[edit] T-Rex Skeleton

Fossil Name Selling Price
T-Rex Torso 5,500 Bells
T-Rex Skull 6,000 Bells
T-Rex Tail 5,000 Bells

[edit] Apatosaurus Skeleton

Fossil Name Selling Price
Apatosaurus Skull 5,000 Bells
Apatosaurus Torso 4,500 Bells
Apatosaurus Tail 4,000 Bells

[edit] Stegosaurus Skeleton

Fossil Name Selling Price
Stegosaurus Skull 5,000 Bells
Stegosaurus Torso 4,500 Bells
Stegosaurus Tail 4,000 Bells

[edit] Pteranodon Skeleton

Fossil Name Selling Price
Pteranodon Skull 4,000 Bells
Pteranodon Left Wing 4,500 Bells
Pteranodon Right Wing 4,500 Bells

[edit] Plesiosaurus Skeleton

Fossil Name Selling Price
Plesiosaurus Skull 4,000 Bells
Plesiosaurus Neck 4,500 Bells
Plesiosaurus Tail 4,500 Bells

[edit] Mammoth Set

Fossil Name Selling Price
Mammoth Skull 3,000 Bells
Mammoth Torso 2,500 Bells

[edit] Single Fossils

Fossil Name Selling Price
Amber 1,200 Bells
Dinosaur Track 4,100 Bells
Ammonite 1,100 Bells
Dinosaur Egg 1,400 Bells
Tribolite 1,300 Bells
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