Ghost Umbrella

Ghost Umbrella
Mayor's Flag « Ghost Umbrella » Sandcastle
Selling Price316 Bells
Countries AvailableJapan exclusive

The Ghost Umbrella is the sixteenth item to be released by Nintendo as DLC.

[edit] Appearance

This umbrella is all white and has a head resting on top of it. This head resembles a ghost, hence how this item was named. The ghost has a gloomy face and is unsmiling. The pole of the umbrella is a regular gray. The umbrella's handle is a blue color. When worn by the player, you can twirl it by pressing A.

[edit] Release Dates

Japan » June 15th - July 5th

[edit] Reason for receiving

Since the rainy season in Animal Crossing: City Folk starts on June 16th, this umbrella was handed out to prepare for the weather storms that are predicted to come. This umbrella greatly resembles a Teru teru bōzu. A teru teru bōzu is a doll that is hung up outside. It is believed to use its powers to grant sunny weather and to prevent rain.

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