Location:City, between the Auction House and Marquee
Store Hours:9:00am until 9:00pm
Products Sold:Furniture and clothes

GracieGrace is a store located in the city. It is in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk. Even though Gracie owns the store, Labelle is the the one who manages it each and every day. Gracie is out on fashion leave. The shop is located at the northernmost point of the city. You will be able to tell that it is indeed GracieGrace because of its elegant design.


[edit] Inside the shop

Once you step inside of the shop, prepare to be amazed at what you see. There is a variety of clothes, accessories, and furniture. You have about 7 shirts to choose from, 2 accessories, and a whole furniture series that you can buy. As always, there is a catch. These items cost a lot of money. A shirt can be as high as 8,000 Bells and the most expensive thing in the store costs 300,000 Bells.

[edit] Gracie

Sometimes Gracie will stop by in the store. She will be standing next to the big painting in the back. When you talk to her, she will give you some helpful fashion tips. You need to be wearing matching clothing or else she will completely disregard and insult you. If you dress right and pull it off, you can expect to receive a one of a kind discount on all of the items in the store. If you dress well, she will give you a 10% discount. However, if you dress fabulous and she adores you, you will get an even bigger discount of 20%.

[edit] Series

Every season, GracieGrace will change inventory. This includes furniture. Here are the rotations:

Series When it comes Price When it goes
Princess Series February 1st 1,524,000 Bells April 31st
Gracie Series May 1st 1,542,000 Bells July 31st
Sweets Series August 1st 1,434,000 Bells October 31st
Gorgeous Series November 1st 1,778,000 Bells January 31st

[edit] Sales

When a furniture series is about to get replaced by another, a sale will start when the last month for said furniture series goes off sale. The discount includes every item in the entire store. Sometimes when a sale is going on, items will be sold out.

Sale When
20% off 15th of the last month
30% off 21st of the last month
50% off 26th of the last month

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