Green Headgear

Green Headgear
Bus Model « Green Flag » Mayor's Flag
Price640 Bells (with Platinum Membership)
Countries AvailableEurope

Green headgear is the fourteenth item that has been released as DLC.


[edit] Appearance

As its name implies, the green headgear is obviously green. It resembles what Little Mac from Punch Out!!! wears. It resembles what a fighter would wear to protect themselves in the ring. It covers the side of your face, such as the cheeks, your forehead, and your chin. It also wraps around the back of your head. Your hair will stick out of the top of it.

[edit] Release Date

Europe: May 22nd - June 5th

[edit] Letters

Dear [Player's Name],

I've been training for my

comeback and I need your

help! Wear my headgear

with pride so you can roll

with the punches!

From Little Mac

[edit] Reason for Receiving

To promote Nintendo's new game, "Punch-Out!!", that they are releasing for the Wii.

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