Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day, or Mole Day is an event held in the Animal Crossing Series. It has appeared in every game from the series excluding Animal Crossing: Wild World. Mr. Resetti makes an appearance in this event in Animal Crossing version, while in Animal Crossing: City Folk, player recieves a model of Mr. Resetti. This event happens on the 2nd of February.

[edit] Animal Crossing

In this version, the event was similar to the celebration in real life. All the villagers all get together to see "the mole" predict a long Winter or an early Spring. At 7:00AM, all the villagers will hang around the Wishing Well. While waiting till 8:00AM, player can talk to the villagers. Once it's time, Mr Resetti will appear as the role as "the mole." At 9:00AM this event finishes, player can talk to Tortimer who will give player a flower model in honour of the event.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

This event celebrated very much differently unlike in the other game. During the event, Tortimer will be standing outside the Town Hall. If player decides to talk to him, they can recieve a model of Mr Resetti.

[edit] In Real Life

Groundhog Day is a cutural event which, is celebrated on the second of February. According to folklore, when it is cloudy and the groundhog appears from its burrow that would mean spring will occur early. But if the groundhog appears on a sunny day and sees its shadow, it will return to its burrow which, is suppose to be a sign that the winter weather will continue for another six weeks.

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