Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is a celebration which will occur annually to celebrate the main harvest in a given region and is a holiday event that takes the place of Thanksgiving, occuring only in Animal Crossing (GCN) and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Franklin the turkey is the main character who makes an appearance during the Harvest Festival.


[edit] Animal Crossing

Franklin hiding!

[edit] When does it take place?

The Harvest Festival is a holiday that is not always on a set date.

  • Date: Fourth Thursday (Thanksgiving)
  • Month: November
  • Time: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

[edit] What do I do?

Franklin will be hiding in your town on the day of the festival. You task is to go and find him. He will be hiding behind obstacles such as trees and buildings. Once you do find him, talk to him to find out why he is so paranoid. You will learn that he is afraid the townspeople will eat him. To solve this problem for Franklin, you must go to the Wishing Well and snag the knife and the fork from the banquet tables. Go back to Franklin's hiding place and give it to him. Keep on doing this.

[edit] Do I get any rewards?

Every time that you bring Franklin a knife and a fork, in exchange he will give you a piece of furniture from the Harvest Series. You can obtain the complete set from Franklin. However, he does give out duplicates, so keep trying!

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

The feast!

[edit] When does it happen?

The Harvest Festival takes place on the same day as Thanksgiving.

  • Date: Fourth Thursday
  • Month: November
  • Time: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

[edit] What am I supposed to do?

This time, you must first go to the Town Hall plaza and speak to Tortimer who will be near the banquet tables. You will need to get the knife and fork from him. Tortimer will think that you are using it for yourself. Now, you need to go and find Franklin who will be hiding around trees, sign posts, or buildings. He will be terrified that you have a fork and knife, but after you hand it over to him he will understand that you are just trying to help him out. Go back to Tortimer and get more forks and knifes. He will think that you are delivering them to your neighbors. Keep giving them to Franklin.

[edit] Any prizes?

What would a holiday be without a prize of some sort? For every fork and knife that you successfully deliver to Franklin, Franklin will in turn give you a piece of furniture from the Harvest Series. Unfortunately, duplicates are possible and very likely to happen.

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