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[edit] Hints & Tips

[edit] Making Money

Here are a few tips on how to make some quick money.

See the bell page for a more in-depth look as well as an external link to a guide.

Fishing is a great way to make money fast. You can hold a great amount of fish in your inventory. You can catch fish in the rivers,ponds and the sea around your town. You can also go fishing off the top of cliffs into rivers below.

Bug hunting is another great way to earn a few bells. Bugs can be found on trees, flying around, on the ground, on plants and underground. All you need is your net and a keen eye and you'll have no problem catching a few bugs.

Digging for fossils/gyroids is another great way to earn some money. Gyroids can make a lot of money as can fossils. Don't forget to donate a few fossils to the museum.

Flowers can make a few bells as well. Especially hybrids. Create hybrids by planting flowers of the same type next to each other. The next day or so they may reproduce a new coloured flower.

Fruit Harvesting is one of the best ways to make money if you have a few fruit trees in your town. You can make a few thousand bells quite quickly by harvesting fruit. You can also find mushrooms growing around your town. These can be sold for a good price.

Turnips is possibly the best way to make money. All you have to do is buy turnips from Joan on Sundays before 12pm and then wait for Nook to be selling for a higher price than what you originally bought them for. Don't wait too long though or else the turnips will go rotten!

Visiting the Lost & Found can be rewarding because there will almost always be items in there for you to claim. If you do not want them, you can sell them to Tom Nook.

ABD Interest is slower than the other methods but simply the best option for those who cannot play as often. Simply deposit your bells in the ABD and at the end of the month you will receive a letter with your interest bells.

Auction House is the preferred method of those who have lots of friends they have visited yet cannot find the time at the moment to bring over an inventory load of local fruit over to a friend's village. Figure out what day you can place an item on the auction house in the city, then on that day place it in there and set a price. Your friends will be able to bid on the item if they visit the auction house in their game. Remember to remind them to visit the auction house on the bidding days.

[edit] Town Fund Unlockables

The Lighthouse in Animal Crossing City Folk
You can donate money to the Town Fund via the Town Hall. Depending on how much money you donate, this is what you can unlock.

200,000 bells = Bridge is built.

400,000 bells = Town Fountain is built.

1,000,000 bells = Lighthouse or Windmill is built.

  • Feathers

Green Feather: 100,000,000 Bells

Blue Feather: 200,000,000 Bells

Yellow Feather: 300,000,000 Bells

Red Feather: 400,000,000 Bells

Purple Feather: 500,000,000 Bells

White Feather: 600,000,000 Bells

Rainbow Feather: 700,000,000 Bells

  • Bank Unlockables

Box of Tissues: Deposit 100,000 bells in your bank account.

Gold Card: Reach VIP status at the bank.

Shopping Card: Deposit 10,000 bells in your bank account.

  • Prizes at Tom Nooks store

You earn 1 point at Nook's store for every 100 bells spent there. You can then use your points on these items.

Bad Bro 'Stache: 2,500 points

Banana: 500 points

Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus Mask: 6,000 points

Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat: 5,000 points

Kart: 10,000 points

Midna's Mask: 6,500 points

Peach's Parasol: 4,000 points

Toad Hat: 3,000 points

Triple Shells: 800 points

Yoshi's Egg: 1,000 points

  • Gyroid Storage Space

To unlock the Gyroid Storage space, you have to buy 7 cups of coffee from The Roost.

[edit] House and Shop Upgrades

Nook N Go: 25,000 and a week has to pass

Nookway: 90,000 more

Nookington: Additonal 240,000

This involves buying and selling this amounts worth of bells.

  • House Upgrades

1st floor: 19,800

1st Expansion: 120,000

2nd Expansion: 248,000

2nd Floor: 368,000

Basement: 598,000

After this you can change the flag on your house.

[edit] Tool Upgrades

  • Slingshot

Silver Slingshot - Sometimes Tom Nook's shop will sell silver slingshots, which will fire two bullets instead of one.

Gold Slingshot - Knock down eight balloon gifts and you might just find a golden slingshot in others you drop from the sky. This super slingshot fires three bullets ot once, making it oh-so easy to pop those drifting balloons.

  • The Axe

Silver Axe - Donate enough bells to your town fund to get a fountain built in your town, then throw a normal axe into the fountain. A special character named Serena may appear and reward you with a silver axe, which never breaks.

Gold Axe - Toss your normal axe into the fountain for a chance at scoring a golden axe from Serena, which never breaks and cuts down trees faster than normal.

  • The Fishing Rod

Silver Fishing Rod - Tom Nook periodically sells silver fishing rods at his shop. The rods' lures are more attractive to fish, helping you land catches more often.

Golden Fishing Rod - Catch each and every type of fish to earn the golden fishing rod as a reward for your effort. This ultimate rod is a real fish magnet!

  • The Net

Silver Net - Once in a blue moon, Tom Nook will stock silver nets in his store. The silver net sports a slightly bigger net than the normal variety which will help you catch bugs with greater ease.

Golden Net - Catch each and every bug and you'll earn yourself the golden net, which makes catching creepy crawlers a breeze.

  • The Shovel

Silver Shovel - Swing by the city for a chance at visiting Resetti's Surveillance Center, where the silver shovel can be found. The silver shovel gives you a ten percent chance for more Bells when you go around smacking rocks.

Golden Shovel - Buy two shovels and bury one of them in the ground in a place you won't forget. Wait one day and then dig up the shovel to find it transformed into one made of solid gold! With a golden shovel, you can bury Bells to grow special trees that bear Bells instead of fruit. Cha|+|Ching!

  • The Watering Can

Silver Watering Can - Buy fifty bags of seed from Tom Nook to earn this improved watering can, which sports a bigger watering radius for faster growing.

Golden Watering Can - Maintain a perfect looking town for a full fifteen days and then speak to Pelly or Phyliss at the town hall to recieve a gold watering can for all of your hard work.

[edit] Special Characters

(Main article Characters)

[edit] HRA Prizes

Score big points with the HRA and they'll reward you with the following lovely prizes:

  • 70,000 Points/ House Model
  • 100,000 Points/ Wide-house model
  • 8150,000 Points/ Two-story model

[edit] Holding Extra Items

Drag excess items into the letters you are holding to free up inventory space. Also, if you write letters to yourself you can always change the addressee instead of carrying around a stack of 4 letters in inventory or taking up storage space in case you want to write a letter .

[edit] Storage Space

Furniture like cabinets or refrigerators that you can open are capable of storing items inside of them.

[edit] Switching Your Bed

You can switch your bed to something more extravagant than your default bed by clicking the foot of the bed.

[edit] Getting Songs for Your Stereo

Go listen to K.K. Slider at The Roost on Saturdays.

[edit] Getting Free Nook Points

In order to receive visitor points you have to use the point machine in Tom Nook's store and click on visitor points. You cannot simply visit his store to receive them. You will then receive 3 points if you use it in your town or 5 points if you use it in a friend's village.

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